Some Basic Facts About Chicago

Chicago is one of the largest cities in the US (3rd I think) with a population of approximately¬†2.8 million. The city cover an area of about 60,000 hectares¬†and it is somewhere around 580 feet above sea level. the city is on Lk Michigan which is apparently the fifth largest body of water in the entire world, who knew? This is why I’ve decided to learn about this city. it may very well be the one I choose to retire in. It has two rivers to brag about as well, the Chicago and the Calumet. It is estimated that 86 million people visit the city every year and I intend to be one of them very soon.

Here are some fact, little bit of trivia:

  • 237 miles of land
  • 26 miles of beautiful lakefront
  • 20 miles of bicycle paths Lk Michigan
  • there are more than 100 different neighbourhoods
  • 500+ parks
  • the home of Barack Obama (not so exciting….Yay Trump)
  • 200 theatres and 200 galleries
  • 36 annual parades (how can there be that many reasons to have a parade)
  • it was incorporated as a city in 1837
  • there are 32 Fortune 500 companies in the city and surrounding area
  • the famous Route 66 begins in Chicago (I’m loving this)
  • the downtown are is known as “the Loop”
  • the game of 16-inch softball (didn’t even know there was such a thing) invented there
  • four states are visible for one of the high rises
  • the Lincoln Park Zoo is there and it is the oldest zoo in the in the entire country.
  • the first skyscraper was built there
  • Home of the first Ferris Wheel

This is awesome. I didn’t know any of that. I really thought Vancouver BC Canada was one of the coolest cities in the world, now I don’t know. Learning about a new place is fascinating to me. I think next post I’ll dig up some info on the history of the very interesting city. I can’t imagine what I’m going to discover.


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